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 The Swedish re-regulation finally arrives in 2018,
posing the question:

Is the Swedish market up for grabs?

180 stakeholders have had their say… and finally the government is giving its stamp of approval, to a new gaming regulation for the country! This will of course be a main focus, of the i-Gaming Forum 2018.

We are meeting for the 10th time, which causes for an extra special event at Berns Salonger in Stockholm on April 18th, 2018!

Do you want to be one of our Anniversary speakers?

Can you specifically provide case insights on one of the following topics: AI Latest!, Cyber Crime, eSports and Virtual Gaming, Mergers & Acquisitions, Mobile Payments in Gaming, Predictive Analytics – or The Swedish Re-regulation?

Or do you think, that you can improve the dynamics, in one of our vibrant panels?  

If interested, send a short abstract (max 200 words) to: no later than December 10th. 

Solution providers for the industry, such as IT experts, consultants and/or law firms are welcome to apply for a speaking slot through our  program.